Morales Ojeda highlighted the potential for economic development in Camagüey


“That the province intends to reach the 65th anniversary with superior results in the economic, productive, services and in the satisfaction of spiritual aspirations is in correspondence with the objectives of the Party”

Camagüey, Cuba, Nov 30th.- To promote economic development as a guarantee of the social programs of the Revolution, the member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC, Spanish Acronym) and Secretary of Organization of the Central Committee, Roberto Morales Ojeda, called in Camagüey after evaluating the progress of sectors that contribute to this objective.

In that sense, he considered that the territory has great challenges, and to materialize them it relies on its people who throughout history have shown decisive contributions, which is why the search for alternatives to generate income that promotes quality of life in the face of to a blockade that the United States government does not make more flexible.

We have to make a leap in food production to replace imports, and for that we have the land and the know-how of human power, he said, adding that it is not possible to talk about well-being if there is no objective implementation of the Law of Food Sovereignty and Food and Nutritional Security, which has to translate into a higher level of supply to reduce the prices that cause so much discomfort.

He valued as stimulating what can be seen in the Los Viera and Villa Luisa farms, two of the 114 that today make up the so-called green ring of the city of Camagüey, designed by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz for the supply, essentially, of vegetables, vegetables and fruit trees, although other areas are promoted and the aim is to recover a figure that exceeds 1,200 farms.

He distinguished the materialization of the concept of circular economy with mini-industries, in addition to the productive chains that they achieve, experiences that need to be generalized and which he learned about during his tour of those enclaves and the dialogue with Jorge Viera Manso and David Hernández González, at the head, respectively, of the aforementioned groups.

Morales Ojeda highlighted the potential for economic development in Camagüey

Accompanied by the member of the Central Committee of the PCC and first secretary in the province, Federico Hernández Hernández , and by the governor Jorge Enrique Sutil Sarabia, he also appreciated the recovery of the Tínima organoponic, with more than a thousand flowerbeds that total around 27 hectares, to which are linked to the productive contribution of workers from different entities, inhabitants of the districts of the capital of Camagüey, young people and students.

“This was a bad example that has now become a good example,” Morales Ojeda highlighted when praising the popular movement of support for production in that enclave, and took the opportunity to reiterate the imperative of rescuing this type of spaces and self-consumption in working class groups.

When exchanging with several workers, including Yanitza Matos Bravet, who was previously unemployed, he praised the employment facilities that are created, urged to guarantee stability in the workforce and was concerned about the income they receive there, in accordance with what that are making.

Another decisive sector is the sugarcane grower, not only because of what it represents from an economic point of view, but also culturally for these communities and the nation in general, hence the essential need to save it, as Raúl called for.

It is a matter of honor to fulfill the plan for the next harvest,” above the result of the previous one, and that will take the participation of everyone and a popular movement, said Morales Ojeda.

He called to promote sugarcane activity and the work of planting, replanting and cultural attention to the plantations to achieve growth in sugar manufacturing in future campaigns, even when the resources are not available, which threatens yields.

At the Siboney plant, which will move mills from December 22 – one of the three in the province that will be in charge of providing a total of 38 thousand metric tons of crude oil – he recognized that the most important thing in the sector is its workers, «because They have a lot of commitment», and urged them to incorporate and prepare young people for different positions.

After touring the industry and exchanging with several workers, he learned about the strategy and preparations of that factory and the rest for the fight, and highlighted the responsibility of agroindustrial sugar companies to achieve food self-sufficiency for their groups and pay taxes for marketing in bateyes and surrounding areas.

He explained that the first goal is to reach the 65th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution with the commitments of the small harvest fulfilled, and regarding the six and a half decades of the conquest of independence and sovereignty, he received information at the headquarters of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey (OHCC), of the program conceived for this purpose.

“That the province intends to reach the 65th anniversary with superior results in the economic, productive, services and in the satisfaction of spiritual aspirations is in correspondence with the objectives of the Party”, he explained.

He called to make this day of tribute and celebration a people’s movement in which all Camagüeyans get involved to contribute to the main tasks and celebrate the date of the 1st. from January.

This Revolution has been sustained by the heroic Cuban people, and within them is the people of Camagüey who are combative, cultured and hard-working, “so do not stop dreaming and setting big goals; The commitment to the people is so great that everything we propose and do has to seem little to us”, he told the local authorities.

The last few years have been very hard and we will have to emerge victorious. We have plenty of reasons to fight every day, and no matter how adverse the circumstances are, we will stop, he stated.

At the OHCC headquarters itself, director José Rodríguez Barreras offered details of the campaign for the 510th birthday of the former town of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, which has at its center the inhabitants of the city, its history, culture and identity based on the values of responsibility, solidarity, industriousness, education, respect and resilience.

“It is a good challenge to propose to be at the forefront on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the Moncada feat, and that is a sign that Camagüey is advancing and not stopping, said the member of the Political Bureau at the end of his first day of visit to work in the province, in which he requested to be consistent with Fidel’s legacy regarding agricultural development and the sugar sector.

(Radio Cadena Agramonte)