Ramiro Valdés highlights commitment to meet energy demand


Among the maintenance tasks, the repair of the condenser, air and gas dampers, and the burner ports, as well as the replacement of auxiliary equipment pipes, stand out
Ramiro Valdés highlights commitment to meet energy demand

Camagüey, Cuba, Aug 26 th.- We have the commitment to satisfy the energy demand of the population and it is important to work on the spending of the largest consumers, reflected today in this city the Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, Cuban vice prime minister.

During a meeting at the provincial government, Jorge Luis Maceira Esteva, director of the 10 de Octubre Thermoelectric Power Plant, in the municipality of Nuevitas, reported that they have two units in operation and generating only number six, after number five left the system due to a fault in an electrical protection of the generator, although they intend to synchronize it today, Saturday, during peak hours.

He also stressed that they maintain stability by complying with the generation plan of 103 thousand megawatts (MW) scheduled for the month of August and as average load they have 145 MW of an agreed plan of 127.

Among the maintenance tasks in this entity, the repair of the condenser, air and gas dampers, and the burner ports, as well as the replacement of auxiliary equipment pipes, stand out.

In the work meeting, the Commander of the Revolution was concerned about the attention to the man in matters related to food, health, salary and comfort in the facilities and suggested concrete actions to increase the payment of the workers.

He also evoked the Heroic Guerrilla Fighter Ernesto Che Guevara as an example of consecration and paradigm for the members of the National Association of Innovators and Rationalizers (ANIR, Spanish Acronym) and assured that there is no one who knows more about a job position than the worker himself.

The expansion of the organoponico, the rehabilitation of an ophthalmology clinic and maintaining the stomatology service for workers and the community in general, represent advances in the work of the thermoelectric collective.

During the analysis of the progress of the investment in the 26 de Julio Cement Factory, the vice prime minister verified the state of the technological project where 3,688 tons of steel remain to be placed and the civil works are at 62 percent completion.

He was also interested in the actions designed to recover the arrears, the state of the alternative generators for the work and placed great emphasis on the support that this group should receive since most of them work more than eight hours daily.

Strict compliance with the means of protection, the supply of water for the workers’ camp, the placement of a complaints and suggestions box in various areas to obtain feedback and help improve living conditions were precise indications in the meeting.

He later highlighted the importance of analysis of labor flows, as well as the preparation, training and qualification of personnel, especially in key specialties for the successful development of the investment.

Within the work agenda was also the checking and control of the actions to confront illegal mining led by the Geominera Camagüey Territorial Company.