Old age, care and rights, a day from Camagüey


The exhibition Social representations of older people and intergenerational links stood out, another look from art to the subject
Old age, care and rights, a day from Camagüey

Camagüey, Cuba, October 2nd.- “I have the years necessary to lose my fear and do what I want and feel! What does it matter how old I am, or how many I expect, if with the years I have, I learned to want what is necessary and to take only the good!”

With the Poem about Old Age, by José Saramago, the celebration for the International Day of Older Persons began, from the House of Cultural Diversity.

The activity, organized by the Chair of the University for the Elderly, begins the event Old Age, Care and Rights: Voices of the Elderly in Camagüey and seeks to promote the well-being of this age group in society.

At the meeting, institutions and people who contribute to the work of the department and to improving the quality of life for these ages were recognized. In the case of organizations, the House of Cultural Diversity, the Manuel Ramón Silva y Zayas Home for the Elderly, the El Diamante Grandparents Home, the Provincial Health Directorate, the Nicolás Guillén Batista Pedagogical School and the José Martí Cultural Society stand out.

“The Chair is an inclusive project that already has 20 years of work in Camagüey, a way for the participation of older people from the classrooms and in the community context. Every day shows us that learning has no age, it is learned throughout life. We have achieved relevant alliances for this, placing old age as a matter of the community. Moments like this allow us to systematize our results and challenges, as well as celebrate the diversity of older adults who are part of this initiative”, says Ana María Ramos Monteagudo, president of the chair.

A catwalk of typical costumes captured the applause of the cultural event, thanks to the creativity of members of the Encounter with History project. Also highlighted was the exhibition Social representations of older people and intergenerational links, another look from art to the subject. The program will include on October 4th, also at the House of Cultural Diversity, a debate forum on the central theme of working day. As part of it, an activity will be carried out on the 6th at the Nursing Home and will end at the El Diamante Grandparents’ Home, on the 29th of this month, with the motivation of the International Day of Care and Support.