More than blood, love


Not even in the worst moments of the Covid-19 pandemic did the youth initiative to donate blood stop in the city of Camagüey
More than blood, love

By Yahily Hernández Porto/Contributor

Camagüey, Cuba, April 16th.- The young healers of the soul, who defy geographical barriers, inclement weather and even financial limitations to bring their art to distant, vulnerable and difficult-to-access communities, this time they multiply humanism and solidarity with donation disinterested in blood.

The Camagüey youth movement led by the members of the Golpe a Golpe Sociocultural Project brings together creators and workers from the Enrique José Varona Provincial Book and Literature Center, the Hermanos Saíz Association and the House of the Young Creator of the Camagüey city.

Yunielkis Naranjo Guerra, director of the large group of daring newcomers, assured that the initiative is one of the most unifying of Golpe a Golpe and is joined by creators who wish to do so.

He said that not even in the worst moments of the Covid-19 pandemic did the initiative stop. “After more than 15 years of uninterrupted creative work and saving souls with art, and lives with blood donation, it is a tradition that brings together artists from various cultural institutions”, explained Naranjo Guerra.

He expressed that three times a year the «Blow by Blow for Life» movement is developed, whose essence is to sow and cultivate the humanism that characterizes the Cuban social project.

The first timers

“Well, what can I explain/ At first I felt afraid/ But what else can I offer/ Instead of blood, give love”.

Thus began the dialogue with Daisel Ariel Romagoza Núñez, one of the rappers of Golpe a Golpe, who joins for the first time to the noble experience that these days is catching on with the new talents of the sociocultural project.

With authentic rhythm and melody, he improvised a vibrant verse, while stating: “Yes, I was afraid, but that was behind me. Donating blood is an experience that penetrates the soul because more than blood you donate life and love”.

For Julio César Pérez Muñoz, soloist, comedian and presenter of the artistic brigade, donating blood is an indescribable gesture: “I am a different person, it really is a shocking and unforgettable experience, I feel calm and very safe in the life of others”, he said. while the applause of the more than sixty young donors could be heard at the La Comarca Literary Café, a venue for soul beaters and a constant stage for artistic creation.