Camagüey will have a seventh photovoltaic energy park


As part of the investment program called a thousand megawatts, the La Cívica photovoltaic plant is being built, north of the capital city of Camagüey, to contribute to the necessary change in the energy matrix in the country and favor the consequent saving of resources and the stability of this important activity
Camagüey will have a seventh photovoltaic energy park
Photo: Internet

Camagüey, Cuba, April 8th.- The La Cívica photovoltaic energy park is being built north of the city of Camagüey as part of the investments made by the country to incorporate more renewable sources that contribute to the National Electroenergetic System (SEN).

According to the Facebook page of the Camagüey Electric Company, the main investor in the work, the enclave will have a total generation capacity of 20 megawatts, which will be reached at the midday solar peak.

On the social network itself, the entity reported that among the actions being carried out at this time, clearing brush, hauling waste and leveling the land stand out, tasks scheduled to be completed at the end of this April and from then on to continue with other tasks.

The source specifies that currently the province has six photovoltaic parks, which can deliver 12 megawatts as a whole as maximum power at the midday solar peak, and when the investment of the seventh installation of this type is completed, it will be able to exceed 30 megawatts in the aforementioned schedule, which represents 20% of the demand in the Camagüey territory at that time of day.

The entity clarifies that all this is possible as long as the meteorological factor allows it and, for example, the month of April is historically the best for the generation of this type of renewable energy, since it is dry and usually with few clouds, Therefore, delivery records have been reached to the SEN.

(Radio Cadena Agramonte)