University of Camagüey stands out in artificial intelligence


In food production, progress is being made through the development of intelligent systems to support research to promote shrimp farming and milk production, among other areas
University of Camagüey stands out in artificial intelligence
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Camagüey, Cuba, October 22th.- With more than 20 years of experience, the artificial intelligence research group at the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz stands out in the country for its notable results in the development of intelligent applications.

Yailé Caballero Mota, director of International Relations of the aforementioned academic institution, commented to the Cuban News Agency that this important work contributed to the solution of real problems in areas such as meteorology, civil engineering, biotechnology, tourism, health, food production, education and efficient energy management.

In the health field, she highlighted applications based on important research related to the acquisition of knowledge about ataxia and the lethality of Covid-19 through the use of artificial intelligence techniques.

She also pointed out the obtaining of a classification algorithm to predict the presence of Mediastinitis and mortality in patients with chronic kidney disease, in addition to a survival study of the risk of cardiorespiratory arrest.

In food production, she noted, progress is also being shown from the development of intelligent systems in support of research to promote shrimp farming, obtaining milk, among other areas.

Strong working alliances, she said, consolidate the results in this task, and in that sense, she mentioned the relationships promoted by the University of Camagüey with its counterpart in Las Villas, the Tecnológica de La Habana, the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, and different hospitals in the country and participation in international projects with Belgium, Spain, the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and China.

With the Asian nation, she said, the projections, based on the recent inauguration of the International Institute for Research in Artificial Intelligence, will allow for an important development of this tool applied to companies and other centers in the country.

The new facility, she stated, includes nine universities of the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba, where the house of higher education from Camagüey stands out in the teaching of a doctoral program, two master’s programs, a double degree program and the publication of a book of Artificial Intelligence in Chinese, Spanish and English languages, added the director of the aforementioned Institute.

Caballero Mota pointed out that the University of Camagüey leads the project Strategy for the development of Artificial Intelligence in Cuba of the sectoral program Cuban software industry and computerization of society of the Ministry of Communications.

In the proposal, she stated, other institutions and ministries of the Island intervene, while eight working commissions are in charge of identifying the sectors and problems in which artificial intelligence can have a greater impact, the design of scientific policy and of innovation for artificial intelligence, the system of international relations to strengthen it, in addition to the norms and legal aspects for its ethical and responsible use, among other matters.