Netflix distorts history and Vietnam demands removal of the series


Hanoi, Oct 5.- Vietnam has urged the U.S. television company Netflix to remove the South Korean series Little Women, whose content misrepresents national history.

The series violated the regulations on prohibited acts specified in Clause 4 of Article 9 of the Press Law, namely misrepresenting history, denying revolutionary achievements and insulting the nation, the Broadcasting and Electronic Information Authority of the Ministry of Information and Communication said.

Likewise, in episodes three and eight, in which the characters talk about the war, the television material transgresses the regulations on prohibited acts in cinematographic activities specified in Clause 4 of Article 11 of the Cinematography Law.

Little Women, the VNA news agency said in releasing the information, is a South Korean film adaptation of a famous novel by Louisa May Alcott, whose episodes five, seven and eight, referring to the Vietnam War, distort history .

In July last year, Netflix itself was forced to remove the Pine Gap series for containing scenes that violated Vietnam’s maritime and territorial sovereignty by showing a map with an illegal demarcation line.

The appearance of such contents injurious to sovereignty seriously violate the provisions of the law, besides hurting feelings and causing outrage among the Vietnamese people, the regulatory authority itself claimed.

It further recalled that this was the third consecutive time in the past 12 months that the TV company broadcast movies and TV programs with contents infringing on Vietnam’s territorial sovereignty. (PL)