Russia warns on NATO expansions


Moscow, Oct 5.- The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) seeks to expand its sphere of influence in the Asia-Pacific region, Nikolai Nozdriov, director of the third department at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated on Wednesday.

“With the decisions adopted at the Madrid summit held in June on the globalization of the organization’s zone of responsibility, the aim is to promote its potential in the Asia-Pacific region”, Nozdriov told Sputnik on Wednesday.

The Russian diplomat pointed out that Australia, South Korea, Japan, and New Zealand are countries considered “linking elements” of the planned global bloc architecture according to Euro-Atlantic standards.

Another example of this military alliance trend, according to Nozdriov, is the coordinated “manipulation” of the regional States by bloc members and their partners.

He said that the European Union, which lost its status as a severe integration association and is a de facto branch of the Alliance, can also be considered a concrete element of NATO’s infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region. (PL)