Chinese Communist Party to amend its constitution


Beijing, 11 Sep.- The Communist Party of China (CCP) will introduce new amendments to its constituent document to bring it into line with the new situation and tasks that will allow it to promote socialism with characteristics of the country, said here today.

According to an official statement, the changes will be made next October during the 20th congress of this group and will include «the key theories and strategic thinking» that will be discussed by delegates to the conclave.

The modifications, the text indicated, must fully represent the most recent sinicization of Marxism, new concepts of governance and experiences in the adherence and strengthening of the CCP.

The project with the proposals will be discussed in a plenary session before the magna appointment.

During the XIX Congress, in October 2017, the CCP amended its statutes to include new concepts of governance, thoughts and strategies that seek to make it a stronger organization and move towards the longed-for socio-economic and political revitalization of the country.

The constitutive document of the Party incorporated the idea of socialism with Chinese peculiarities, considered the route to follow to materialize future projections.

That thought emphasizes updating laws, transforming the People’s Liberation Army into world-class armed forces and encouraging a new form of international relations that will contribute to ensuring a better future for humanity.

Among other points, it contemplates precise actions against challenges such as poverty, pollution, financial risks, sustainable development and corruption, as they could hinder national revitalization plans.

(Text and photo: PL)