China urges US and the West to stop politicizing human rights


Beijing, Oct 7.- China urged the United States and its Western allies to abandon political manipulation and misinformation on the issue of human rights, after the rejection of a debate on alleged abuse of the Uyghur population of the province of Xinjiang.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called to bet on dialogue, cooperation and a real contribution to the advancement of these guarantees throughout the world, as well as focusing on persistent problems of racism, discrimination, armed violence and mistreatment of immigrants in Western countries.

It criticized the effort to tarnish China’s image, impede its development, spread lies and try to use the United Nations Human Rights Council as a tool to interfere in China’s internal affairs.

The Foreign Ministry also stressed that the international community refused to discuss the proposal by Washington and its allies, despite strong pressure from them.

“Xinjiang issues have nothing to do with human rights. They are about combating violent terrorism, radicalization and separatism. Thanks to the arduous efforts, there have been no violent incidents in more than five years,” it stated, and assured that the guarantees of the population there are respected like never before.

The Ministry predicted the failure of any initiative to use the issue as a weapon against China.

This pronouncement follows the majority rejection by the members of the UN Council for Human Rights to discuss a project on Xinjiang. (PL)