US-based Cuba solidarity movement condemns destabilization attempts


Washington, Oct 4.- The United States-based No Embargo Movement (NEMO) condemned the destabilization attempts being promoted abroad against the Cuban people.

According to a statement, the subversion attempts seek to create terrible chaos in society, while seeking to take advantage of the difficulties faced by citizens, caused by Washington’s economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba.

The association made a call not to confuse the constitutional right to protest derived from nonconformities with allowing open conspiracies fostered from abroad against the Cuban people and its vanguard.

NEMO ratified his confidence that Cuba, as on other occasions, will emerge victorious from the current context, marked by the destruction caused by hurricane Ian in the westernmost part of the country.

On Monday, a Cuban television investigation provided evidence of structures financed by the United States to create disorder and chaos and fragment the unity of the Caribbean island.

The report presented the testimony of defendant Lazaro Garcia, who explained the functioning of the People’s Self-Defense (ADP): a guerrilla organization, made up of a War Council, which would provide logistical, financial and media support to people in Cuba and presided over by the terrorist Manuel Milanes. These actions are part of the permanent subversive campaigns to destabilize Cuba with the purpose of causing a regime change. (PL)