Lula with real possibilities of victory in Brazil


Brasilia, Sep 27.- Former President and candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Tuesday appears with real possibilities of victory in the first round of the October 2 elections in Brazil, according to an opinion poll.

The study reveals that Lula has moved up one percentage point and now has 48 percent of the total vote intentions in the poll (with the presentation of the candidates’ names).

The total of votes of the other candidates is 44 percent and in the valid, discounting blank, and null votes, the presidential candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT) has 52 percent.

Meanwhile, ultra-right President Jair Bolsonaro, a candidate for reelection for the Liberal Party, appears with 31 percent of vote intentions.

Bolsonaro is followed by former Minister Ciro Gomes, of the Labor Democratic Party, with six percent, and Senator Simone Tebet, of the Brazilian Democratic Movement, with five percent.

In the previous poll, published on September 19, Lula got 47 percent, followed by Bolsonaro (31), Ciro (seven), and Tebet (four).

The former president’s campaign insists on stimulating citizens to vote on Sunday, October 2, to define victory in the first round. (PL)