Street support demonstrations in Brazil for candidate Lula


Brasilia, Sep 23.- Under the maxim that a total demonstration in the street is a complete victory, leaders of popular movements called today for acts to support former Brazilian president and candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

According to the official website of the Workers’ Party (PT), this Friday was consolidated as the day of mobilization of Lula’s electoral campaign with the action of the popular committees, brigades, youth and all militancy.

The state and municipal coordinations of the proselytizing action planned, organized and stimulated the realization of walks, stickers, flags and pamphlets in places of great circulation.

The site assures that the objective is to go to the streets from this day to dialogue with the population and promote the visibility of the presidential candidate of the Brazil of Hope coalition.

The actions are fundamental to stimulate the attendance at the polls and can be decisive to achieve victory on October 2, refers the PT.

It specifies that the «Popular Struggle Committees organize acts in Brazil and abroad in support of the candidacy of the Brazil of Hope coalition that guarantee Lula’s victory in the first round.»

The page also announced that there will be one last great hybrid cultural political act, with face-to-face and virtual participants, called Brazil of Hope with Lula, on September 26, in Sao Paulo.

Artists of the caliber of Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque and Anitta appear on the program of that event to try to generate a wave in favor of the former president in the last week of the electoral campaign for suffrage.

More than 156 million Brazilians, most of them women, are eligible to vote in the consultation, in which president and vice president, governors, deputies, senators and regional legislators will be elected.

Opinion polls increasingly reinforce that Lula and the ultra-right-leaning president Jair Bolsonaro, champion of the Liberal Party who is seeking re-election, will be the protagonists of the dispute at the polls.

Analysts assure that Brazil, the richest country in Latin America, will have a polarized elective battle in October, the result of which will possibly leave consequences far beyond its borders. (Text and photo: PL)