Canning and Vegetable Company of Camagüey maintains variety in its productions


Camagüey, Sep 23.- The plan for the year of the Camagüey Canning and Vegetable Company is running at just over 70 percent in a context marked by the search for alternatives to maintain the varieties and satisfy the demands of the population.

Héctor Muñoz Muñoz, head of Production of that entity, recognized that the elaborations are still insufficient due to the difficulties with the raw materials, mainly sugar, tomato and vegetable oil.

However, he assured that they guarantee the presence of their lines at trade fairs thanks to the linkages with centers such as the Dairy Products Company, to which they supply mango and guava pulp for ice cream flavors.

He also stated that they supply the Meat Company with condiments for their productions and certify food for prioritized sectors such as Health and Education.

The manager explained that during the tomato campaign they linked in a limited way with two mini-industries with which they have agreements for the use of guava and mango pulp.

He emphasized that, for two months, they have prioritized throughout the network of wineries the social order for the delivery of compote for children from 0 to 3 years of age in cans with the same standard that includes vitamin C and ferrous lactate.

For the current year, the Canning and Vegetable Company of Camagüey plans to fulfill a plan of 2,600 tons of its productions, in addition to fulfilling others such as garlic paste, dry condiments, cumin and the commercialization of nectars and vinegar.

These varieties are guaranteed thanks to the ingenuity of the mechanics who work in the El mambí factories and the one located in the town of Camalote, to maintain the operation of the capper with more than 50 years of exploitation.

Giset López Peláez, head of the entity’s Quality and Technology Group, added that they have a highly trained team to ensure sensory, physical-chemical and microbiological parameters. (Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: ACN)