Xi Jinping reaffirms to Putin China’s strong support to Russia

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Beijing, Sep 16.- President Xi Jinping reaffirmed today that China is willing to work with Russia and maintain «strong support» on issues of interest to both sides, during talks with his counterpart Vladimir Putin in Uzbekistan.

According to an official statement, the president expressed willingness to deepen pragmatic cooperation in trade, agriculture and connectivity.

But at the same time he considered it necessary to join forces to protect the security and common interests of the area, developing nations and emerging markets.

Xi also advocated that China and Russia strengthen coordination in the context of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Brics group and other multilateral mechanisms, with a view to promoting solidarity and trust.

Apart from Putin, the Chinese president also spoke Thursday with other dignitaries present in the city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, to participate in the 22nd summit of leaders of the SCO.

In all cases, he reviewed the state of bilateral relations and called for a joint fight against foreign interference and threats to peace, stability and security in the region. (PL)