Cuban Youth Back Families Code on Social Media


Havana, Cuba, Sep 16- The Union of Young Communists of Cuba (UJC) today called for a tweet in support of the new Family Code, which will be submitted to a popular referendum on September 25.

From 09:00 local time until 12:00 noon and with the tags #CodigoSí and #Cuba, netizens demonstrated their support for «that plurality that the new law that we are summoned to the polls includes,» reported the newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

UJC President Aylin Alvaréz said via Twitter that «we will vote yes because we will be growing individually and collectively, because we will be embracing life and we will be, according to the poet, creating a new era.»

Let’s say Yes, he added, by a Code of Families that legitimizes love, affection and respect.

Next Saturday, young Cubans will also star in a day in support of the new legislation, with the #YoDigoSí Caravan, which will take place in all territories of the country.

The Family Code that will go to a popular referendum is legislation that, according to the Minister of Justice, Oscar Silvera, protects human dignity, all institutions of family law, removes any vestige of discrimination in the family and rejects violence.

(Text and photo: PL)