U.S. ratifies willingness to strengthen ties with UK


Washington, Sep 15.- President Joe Biden on Wednesday expressed his willingness to continue close relationships with the United Kingdom, during talks with King Charles III.

In the meeting, the US president offered his deepest condolences for the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and praised her kindness and hospitality.

He also recalled the Queen´s attentions as she received him and the first lady, Jill Biden, at Windsor Castle in June 2021.

He also conveyed his country´s great admiration for the monarch, “whose dignity and constancy deepened the enduring friendship and special relationship” between the two countries, the White House said.

After learning of her death, Biden issued a statement saying “Elizabeth II was more than a monarch, she defined an era”.

The US president announced he will be present at the state funeral, scheduled for coming Monday. (PL)