Cuba ready for legislative referendum, affirmed Díaz-Canel


Havana, Sep 13.- Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel said today that the country is ready to hold the popular referendum on the Family Code on September 25.

“I invite you all to vote on September 25, which will be, I am sure, a day of celebration for Cuba”, the president said on his official Twitter account.

In another message on the same social network, he pointed out that the new legislation was not made to design a family or assume a family construction that does not agree with the ethical or religious convictions of a person. “Nor does it seek tolerance, but respect. That is the key word: respect for people’s rights”, he said.

On the eve, governors of all the provinces of the country, headed by the head of State, discussed the preparations for the celebration of the popular referendum, in which the voters must vote for the approval or not of the Family Code, a law considered of extraordinary importance for the development of society.

Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, insisted on the efficient development of the preparations for this popular consultation, for which a dynamic test is planned for next Sunday throughout the country, with the purpose of checking the availability of all the resources and organizational mechanisms.

Likewise, he insisted that quality must prevail in this process due to its genuine democratic character, which refutes the disinformation campaigns generated from abroad about an alleged lack of democracy in Cuba.