Presented in Veracruz book fair Fidel 17 approximations


Mexico City, 12 Sep.- The text Fidel, 17 approximations, coordinated by researcher and writer John Saxe-Fernández and 16 co-authors, was presented at the University Book Fair in Veracruz, Mexico.

Published by the Fund of Economic Culture directed by Paco Ignacio Taibo II, and the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (Clacso), the presentation was in charge of Darío Salinas, author, co-author and coordinator of more than 60 scientific works, and the novelist Francisco Pérez.

Fidel, 17 approximations, is a collective book coordinated by Saxe-Fernández that presents an intellectual biography of the Cuban politician Fidel Castro, one of the most important figures of the twentieth century in Latin America, its speakers said.

Throughout the text, the most important features of Fidel’s thinking on issues such as US imperialism, the theory and practice of revolution, revolutionary pedagogy, Latin American struggles and climate change are presented.

His relationship with other great Latin American figures such as Omar Torrijos, Hugo Chávez, Salvador Allende and José Martí is also analyzed.

In his presentation, Salinas referred to the immensity of Fidel Castro’s legacy in important issues of the current situation, such as the redoubled imperialist aggression against our peoples, the blockade, the sanctions against Venezuela, aggression against Nicaragua and incessant interference.

He said that contrary to Cuba’s solidarity contributions for peace, for example with Colombia, the United States continues to keep him on this fateful and unacceptable list of countries that promote terrorism.

The background of the important book written in 17 hands under the coordination of Saxe-Fernández is in the Clacso with its first version entitled I am Fidel, which collected the feelings of thousands of people, Salinas said.

This testimonial collection was developed more widely with the participation of Saxe-Fernández who understood the scope of the work, the thought and legacy of a historical immensity, as described to Fidel and met the group of its authors who committed themselves to the work.

Perez recalled, for his part, initial passages for the elaboration of the work in which he actively intervened, when the idea was posed to Taibo II so that the culture fund was the promoter of the idea of a second enriched edition, which was finally titled Fidel, 17 approximations.

(Text and photo: PL)